You can’t or don’t feel you can afford high capital investment at the moment?
But at the same time you don’t want to compromise either on any advances in your production processes or to watch your competitiveness slowly slip away?
Then why not start right now with future-proof planning!


If you opt for the KOCH Engineering Concept, you’ll be choosing a solution precisely developed for and geared to your needs and requirements which you can then simply take out of the drawer again at a later point in time and directly implement.
And the best thing of all: if you subsequently contract KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH to implement your project, you can have the costs incurred for the engineering deducted.

Independent, long-term and as precise as you want it to be – that’s the quintessence of KOCH engineering.
In each phase of your project, for example, we provide solid criteria for taking decisions coupled with reliable guidelines for goal-driven project management. And it is always with the aim of devising the best, long-term overall solution for your company.
With over 40 years’ experience in the field of factory automation as well as more than 25 years in planning, implementing and servicing robot systems, what you have with KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH is a top-flight specialist for automation solutions at your side.
Thanks to our sound expertise we can organise the planning work to give you budget security. At the same time we are constantly fully mindful of any structural constraints in your factory or of your material flow, for instance, for the entire duration of the project.


The engineering is comprised of up to nine phases – depending on which package you opt for:
KOCH Engineering
1. Pre-engineering
2. Drawing up a requirement specification
3. Analysing the actual feasibility
4. Solution development
5. Feasibility tests for function-critical system components (test set-ups)
6. Functional description of the system
7. Cost estimate of the total amount to be invested
8. Scheduling
9. Drawing up supplier-neutral invitations to tender

The pre-engineering phase sees us working together with you to outline the rough scope of the project and then checking the planned measures (actual/desired status). Based on what we learn, we then devise an initial solution layout and cost the measures envisaged and implementation of the system.

A KOCH engineer specifically assigned to head your project for its duration then sets about drawing up the requirement specification. All the details in this specification are geared precisely to your particular needs and requirements and are discussed with you as well, of course.

This requirement specification is then used to explore basic feasibility approaches. If the project is found to be feasible, the KOCH team starts with the solution development. Enquiries are sent out to potential suppliers and the system layout as well as possible alternatives is developed. To achieve the specified goals, KOCH carries out investigations to verify performance and cycle times and to pinpoint function-critical processes and system components. All the results are clearly summarised in a presentation.

Using a test set-up, function-critical system components are put through an additional feasibility test. Following the successful test, the project leader prepares a functional description of the system as well as schedules – so as to be all set to go with the detailed planning and subsequent commissioning and handing-over of the newly installed system if or when the project is given the go-ahead – and also a cost estimate of the total amount to be invested.
Supplier-neutral invitations to tender can also be included in the KOCH engineering which you can use for enquiries at a future date if you decide to have a different company carry out implementation.

If you are satisfied with our engineering, we should be delighted if you would build on the already established trust and contracted us to implement your system.


Our sales staff will be happy to send you a quotation for our engineering drawn up specifically for you and your individual requirements.

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