We can offer our customers an all-inclusive service for robot systems and complete turnkey systems covering everything from developing solutions, to implementation, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service for the entire life cycle of the system.

Instrumental in bringing projects to a successful conclusion is our proactive KOCH project management. Project management starts with preparing an offer and ends with the successful final acceptance by our customer. Proactive project management also means regularly checking that deadlines are met and carrying out quality assurance controls so as to ensure the project goals are achieved. In particular this includes conducting a safety assessment, drawing up a risk analysis and documentation in accordance with the machinery directive so that these can be handed over in good time for customer-employee training and before final acceptance.

In addition to KOCH project management, a key element is also our KOCH quality management covering everything from preparing the offer, to design, quality audits at the suppliers’ premises, internal factory quality approval and the factory acceptance test by the end user in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008.

The three pillars of our portfolio are planning, implementation and service.


Meticulous analysis of the task at hand and of our customer’s parameters is the basis for developing the optimum application-specific solution. This includes feasibility studies with simulations and pilot tests in our robot test hall.


Our engineering team design and construct robot grippers as well as any special designs which are required.

The programs for robots, SPC systems and interfaces feature a modular architecture and are implemented by our electrical engineering and software teams.

Once the special designs and key modules have been successfully tested in our assembly shops, the complete system with all its electrics is set up by our team in our customer’s factory.


Grasping more, moving more – around the clock and around the world! Just one system delivering high performance for its entire lifecycle will make sure that you remain competitive and can concentrate on your core business. That’s why our service concept uncompromisingly focuses on not allowing problems and system downtimes to arise in the first place. The basis for this is a regularly well-maintained system.