Key elements to our decisions, our business practices and to our success

Our robot systems for all factory areas create sustained competitive advantages for our customers.
These result primarily from:

  • cost savings thanks to high system availability and low maintenance requirements
  • future-proof engineering thanks to simple modification to new products and fields of application


Our team of motivated and highly qualified employees are fundamental to our success.
The following key elements are central to our decisions, our business practices and to our success:

Achieving the goals together
Our approach to our staff, customers, suppliers and partners is guided by fairness, respect, friendliness and readiness to help. It is this spirit of partnership that enables us all to achieve our goals.

Outstanding performance driving success
Our own exacting standards require that our team deliver consistent excellence – all for the benefit of our customers. Top-class performance paves the way for sustained success in a competitive environment.

Customer orientation as the linchpin
Grasping more, moving more – thrilling our customers! Our work focuses on carefully analysing the challenges facing our customers and then devising individual, future-oriented solutions.

Quality through excellence
We apply the most rigorous standards to quality and to continually improving our processes, robot systems and services. These standards apply equally to our employees and suppliers.

Concentrating on the core competence
Automation with robot systems – we concentrate quite deliberately on this core competence.

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