Our customers are our best reference

From bags and boxes to cans and even brake callipers – in the chemical, automotive and consumer goods industries as well as in many other branches: for over 30 years we have been amassing our expertise in the field of factory automation. During this time we have successfully handled for customers from all types of sectors countless parts, products and containers, placing them in machines, taking them out, filling and packaging them, palletising and depalletising them, and picking and transporting them.

The following is a selection of our reference customers.

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Realised Products
Kunert Gruppe
Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG
Wipf AG
Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH
Goerg & Schneider GmbH u. Co. KG
Infiana Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Nordzucker AG
  • Sacks
  • Brake linings
  • Brake callipers
  • Chemical pe bottles 0.2 – 2 l
  • Insulating boards and rolls
  • Display boxes
  • Cans
  • Pails 5 – 30 l
  • Barrels up to 200 l
  • Rims and wheels
  • Refractory bricks
  • Beverage bottles
  • Beverage canisters: water and beer
  • Glass bricks
  • Hobbocks up to 60 kg
  • Wooden partitions, doors , furniture items
  • Cans
  • Boxes
  • Rubber bales
  • Ceramic materials
  • Milk trays
  • Engine blocks
  • Paper and film rolls
  • Test samples
  • Bags
  • Salt licking stones
  • Gearshift levers
  • Slate slabs
  • Silicone bars
  • Steel rings, large antifriction bearings
  • Earthenware planters
  • Manifold blocks
  • Drums / fibre drums